Welcome, if you are wondering why you can’t make money online then we want to look first on some critical things.

We actually don’t now your current situation or knowledge but we will assume some things in order to get as close as possible to your situation.

If you have a website without a product you must understand that having a website is one thing, having a real product that the market is looking for is a second thing. The next thing you want to make sure is to see if you have relevant quality traffic to your website. If your website exists, without relevant quality traffic nothing is going to happen.

In order to check your website’s traffic you must check your google search console, and your google analytics account. You must also be sure that it is correctly installed.

If you have traffic, and a product to sell you are not making money because you are not convincing people to buy your product.

The following images are from a google search console where you are able to see how sales are growing by growing a websites organic traffic

You see when a website is new nothing happens without traffic, but with decent traffic you can grow your online sales at a good volume.

The image bellow is from a websites full month traffic. The website made 25k in revenue in one month.

Just to let you know if you are not making money online it is because you either don’t have quality traffic, you are not convincing people to buy your product, or you don’t have a good sale process.

We actually have a big experience selling online for 12 years plus with a print on demand business selling products like the image bellow.

Those are canvas prints.

It is a perfect product for selling online.

If you would like to learn how to grow your online sales and build a profitable online business, i would suggest that you click the button bellow to get started.

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