Back on 2011 where i started my online business i had no idea what an online business strategy is or what a business plan is and this had a bad outcome. But with the years i got some confidence on how to execute an online business strategy. If you break each part of the thing you want to accomplish with your online strategy you must know that your weapons are your products, your traffic , your target market , your mind and your copywriting.

In order to execute and get results online you must think a lot , and find which way works, because you may think whatever you want but if it doesn’t work there is no point at what you are trying to do. I will give you an example. I was selling sales stickers for physical stores.

That product worked well and i had a good average order with that product because the customer was a business in reality. And in extension i thought i would make more money if i would propose them to install the stickers my self, but they did not wanted to pay a dime more than what the stickers are costing.

Several times i asked for 7 euro, 10 euro , 15 euro , 20 euro , 40 euro but no one said ok with the price. Can you imagine? I had to drive with my car spend gasoline , give the stickers and no one ever said ok on the above prices. You will ask why? Because the market on that need does not find value and it can be done by the shop owners. It took me years to understand what was wrong with that and i figured it out that people don’t pay for that service.

So don’t think something that is going to work for sure, you get confident only by testing. You assume things you test them and then you get a clue based on data driven decisions. The market will show you what they want. You job is to uncover what most people want and give it to them as long as you agree. Another example of an online strategy i tried is , i wanted people to visit my physical store but they never did.

I gave them a discount if they would visit but they did not visit that way. Because i was selling canvas i had to add shipping costs and then more people started visiting my store. So you see most times will be the opposite of what you think. So don’t forget that you learn from the market and not from what you think.
In order to execute an online business strategy you have to understand the channels that a website can attract traffic.

There is organic traffic from google , social traffic from facebook and insatgram and tik tok. There is display ads traffic, and paid search traffic , direct traffic , and paid search traffic.

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