Welcome! First i want to get to know me, i am a simple guy who decided to try to making money online with internet and my knowledge. Back in 2011 i got fired from my large format printer technician job. I live in Greece.

My expertise is graphic designer , large format digital printing , technician and for 12 years print on demand business owner. Totally self taught in building online business.

I have see how money is made online – I made 6 figures / year in total revenue. I will be as simple as possible and if you would like to get more details on something you could contact me.

First of all i want to tell you that if you want to make money online it is possible but it is not easy. You must build a website, your website will attract a kind of an audience , you must find a way to monetize that audience.You want to have a good product. The product will be the most important factor.

You must learn a ton of new things like google analytics, google ads , seo , link building , a/b testing.

There is a good thing and a bad thing. The opportunity is really big, the way to do it it’s not easy. You have to have strategy, clarity , focus , expertise , and a lot of luck.

I am preparing soon a a free virtual event.

I will explain what i was selling. I had my own vinyl cutter, my own large format printer, and i had 2 online shops, making wall stickers and canvas prints all day.

So imagine i build a website , created the products , and try to sell them every day. This is not an easy thing to do , specially with great competition.

The difference with affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have your own products. You just have to promote other peoples products. Making affiliate income is not easy. You have to become a great writer, you must learn how to get traffic , and how to monetize this traffic, You need consistency , and these words no they are not written just to tell you i am smart, it is the hard truth. But if you start today learning and applying soon you will build something awesome for your life!

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