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Here is share the best cutting plotter in the world. By many people this brand is called the rolls Royce of vinyl cutters

What is a cutting plotter

Now that you have seen what a cutting plotter is let me explain what it is. Cutting plotter is a machine that cuts vinyl stickers. Mostly you install colored vinyl rolls on the machine and you send ready designs mostly made in Corel draw or adobe illustrator. The files that are mostly used on that machine are vectors

Almost every graphic you see on window shops, and a lot of other applications have been gutted by a cutter plotter when the deisgn is shaped.

Bellow I will share a video on how a cutting plotter works.


If you want to buy a cutting plotter I suggest you check this page where I share top cutters for you to choose from.

When buying a cutting plotter you want to choose the right dimension for your needs so i will explain some of the most common sizes.


Cutters are one of the best investments you can make if you want to start making money by making stickers. If you are interested in making money selling stickers please make sure you check this post where i share the best print on demand products you can make. Some of them are made just by using a cutter plotter and some of them require a large format printer, see this post here

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