ways to make money as a graphic designer

Are you a graphic designer and looking to make money online? Well i believe the following information could change your live for good. I have been a graphic designer and saw how it is possible to start making money online. The best way is to learn how to make and sell print on demand products. Print on demand products is a great way for a graphic designer to start making money online. You start small with a cutter plotter. You learn how to make stickers and wall stickers. You build a website and build your categories and you your products. You start learning seo, and strategies that bring in sales consistently. This is how in a few words a graphic designer can go to 6 figures per year. Of course it’s easier said than done.

Here follows a timeline on how to get started on what you should be doing month by month.

1st month build your website and 60 products – 0 $

2nd month build another 60 products – 0 $

3rd month build another 60 products – 0 $

4rth month build another 60 products – 0 $

5th month build another 60 products 147$

6th month keep adding more products 246 $

7th month more products to your website 699 $

8th month more products – Sales will start growing as you grow your website

The image bellow shows what can be achieved over the years if you commit and learn a ton of new skills.

If this is what you want, build a business only for your self and make money you should give it a try.

As a graphic designer and a print on demand business owner i am offering training on how to accomplish this. I have done it for myshelf, i am totally self taught and i have build a solution that if you follow it you will make money.

You just need to learn how to do it. It’s a step by step process and i am sharing all my secrets to get there.

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