If you are looking to buy a large format printer to make stickers then this post will help you understand more about vinyl stickers.

First i want to explain that there is no dedicated printers that makes only vinyl stickers.

Most times those printers can print to a large variety of different medias.

The main different types of those printers are what inks do they use.

So here you will see the inks used.

Water based inks
Solvent inks
Latex inks

So the printers are separated in 3 different types concerning the inks they use.

The pricing on those printers in general , water based printers are cheaper than solvent printers and latex printers.

But waterbased printers cannot print at so many medias as the solvent printers and latex printers.

Also the media used on waterbased printers are more expensive that medias used on solvent printers and latex printers.

I have been printing with a lot of different printers.

The brands i used printers are, seiko, grandjet, xljet , canon , epson , nur fresco.

With canon and epson being water based printers i used them on my 12 years plus print on demand business.

They had excellent print quality, but the costs where higher than other printers.

But helped me a lot to start because of the low price.

Running a print on demand business on a tough and competitive market is not easy.

I learnt a lot about promoting my products online and i have seen things i would never see.

I am planning to build a course based on my 12 years experience.

The course is not ready yet but you can get in the free course.

If you are looking to build a print on demand business and make products like wall stickers, canvas prints and wall murals i would suggest that you read my blog as tis is going to give you a lot of free information.

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