Lesson1 – Welcome
Lesson2 – Business Lesson
Lesson3 – What you will Learn
Lesson4 – Mindset
Lesson5 – Building a Website part1
Lesson6 – Building a Website part2
Lesson7 – Print on demand products
Lesson7 – Keyword research
Lesson7 – Corel Draw
Lesson8 – Photoshop
Lesson9.1Media For Stickers – 1 color
Lesson9.2 Cutter Plotter
  Get to know a cutter plotter
Lesson10-Printer Plotter
Lesson 10 – Making Stickers
Lesson 11 – Making Canvas Prints
              1.2Tools you will need
              1.3 Tips on getting wooden bars
Wood cutting machine
              Making a wooden frame
Wood Cutter
Tips for buying wooden bars
Lesson 12 Making laptop stickers
Lesson 13 Making Multipanel Canvas Prints

Lesson 14 Adwords
Lesson 15 Facebook
Lesson 16 Organic Traffic
Lesson 17 Lead Generation
Lesson 18 Build A funnel
Lesson 19 How to find trending products
Lesson 20 How to grow