Sticker Cutting

Welcome to our blog post from dimaretx for sticker cutting. Maybe you want to make some stickers just for fun, or you may be thinking to start a sticker cutting business, wall sticker business or a print on demand business.

In this blog post we will share our best tips for for sticker cutting.

Most high quality stickers are made by vinyl self adhesive sticker. We will separate stickers in 2 main categories.

Category 1: Vinyl roll stickers white

Category 2: Colored Vinyl roll stickers.

Image with a vinyl roll shelf adhesive white

Image with a colored vinyl roll shelf adhesive white

These are the 2 main categories you should now in the beginning. In category 1 you put the vinyl roll into a printing plotter and you print whatever you want. In category 2 you cut an outline of a design.

For sure each category can be splitted to more different categories.Example there are vinyl stickers with removable glue, others are with permanent glue, others can be glossy or matte, others can be used on long term applications or short term applications.

So just to make clear of 2 definitions. Colored stickers are cutted with a vinyl cutter and not printed because the vinyl it’s already colored.

The stickers that are printed are used on the white rolls (category 1)

With what methods are stickers printed

Stickers are printed with solvent printers, waterbased printers, or latex printers. This apply only to low quantities for the same design and the method of printing is digital.

With the above printers you can build a good print on demand business printing stickers, wall stickers, and wall murals.

How cutting stickers are made.

So in order for you to be able to create vinyl cutting stickers you are going to need a vinyl cutter. The price range of a vinyl cutter depends on its cutting size and it’s extended abilities. You can find a cheap cutting vinyl starting from 300$ up to 10.000$

What to look for when choosing a vinyl cutter.

One very important factor when choosing a vinyl cutter is the size of the cutter. You don’t want to buy a small one and then realize that the size you bought doesn’t feet your production needs. Most cutters start from 60cm width, 1,20m , 1,40m, 1,60m

The best vinyl cutters are from summa

In order to be able to cut, or make stickers you are going to need some Graphic design softwares

Top software for vector designs are Corel Draw & Illustrator

In our opinion anyone can start a cutting sticker business.You will need to get some graphic design lessons.

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