I share my proof of my work. Please bare in mind that print on demand products is not easy to sell, each product has a lot of variations and this makes the product hard for the user to understand so the conversions are not that high as in a product with 1 pic and 1 price.

Also the country where we sell this products is not a country with high conversions in general (This is important)

The image bellow is a sample to understand variations on a product. I used a plugin to have the product sizes/prices shown without the user need to click somewhere. This can definitely increase the conversion rates on a ecom store with products having a lot of variations.

This happens because visitors will see the price without having to click somewhere – Remember less clicks higher conversions.

The image above shows how i grown one of my last ecom website’s organic traffic.

The image bellow shows revenue generated selling physical print on demand products.

As you can see each channel has different revenue generated. The channel other is something i came up with in order to understand visitor behavior and try to get consistent sales.