3 Products with high margins to start making money with

In this post i will share my real own experience for some real products you can sell with high margins. First of all in order to be able to sell a products with high margin it must be a unique product, that your target market wants, but can’t find the product elsewhere.

You have to be the owner of a unique product that you “make”, has a ton of value for your target market and you can sell it at a higher price than your competition does. In the print on demand space this can be done easily. You have to create a unique design that a big chunk of your market wants. It’s not an easy process but if you can make a unique design , think that only you will be selling that product and no one else.

To be more specific.
Selling canvas prints can be a product with high margin. But the digital file must be created exclusive by you and must be an awesome design for your target market in order for you to sell it with high margin.

Five pieces canvas prints are products with high margins. Of curse you will find cheap choices in the market, but those choices might not be printed on an original canvas print material, or they might not come framed on wood. Those choices are not a good and finished product. Maybe online buyers get those because of the very low price, but think that this way the buyer does not get a finished product, either the buyer does not get a quality product. If you want to have a high margin product , must focus on quality, and must be a finished product.

Below i share 3 examples from my designs.

In reality with the rise of the internet and with a print on demand business you can sell and make products with real high margins. As long as you create nice designs your target market is willing to buy you can sell those products with high margins.

Of curse it is not an easy process but it is do able. If you want to build a print on demand business you will need the following

a printing plotter with at least 1m,11cm printing width.
vinyl rolls
canvas rolls
a circular saw
Air compressor with Air riveting with crochet head
wooden slats
an e-commerce website

Printing plotter

This is a must have products. With your printing plotter you will print all your products, canvas images, canvas prints, vinyl stickers, wall murals. There are a ton of choices in the market, from cheap options to very expensive options. For starting you should start with a cheap option and if your business goes well you must invest at a later time in my opinion

Vinyl rolls & Canvas rolls

Those are going to be your raw materials . With those rolls you are going to produce your first products to sell them.

Circular saw

With a circular saw you are going to cut your wooden slats in order to produce canvas frames.

Air compressor with Air riveting with crochet head

With the air compressor and the air riveting you will attach your canvas prints to your wooden frames


Print on demand business requires a big workbench where all the products will be made. As you are going to produce large products, canvas prints and wall stickers you are going to need this workbench in order to produce your products

An e-commerce website

In order for you to sell your print on demand products you will need an e-commerce website

There are plenty of choices and we will cover with every detail this subject in this section

If you need free images to start check this website

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