If you want to start a print on demand business then this is a very good resource on what products can you make to sell.So lets begin with a list of 25 product ideas

  • Wall Stickers
  • Canvas prints
  • Posters
  • Door stickers
  • Window shop stickers
  • Wardrobe stickers
  • Wall murals
  • Furniture stickers
  • Laptop stickers
  • Die cut stickers
  • Car stickers
  • Fridge stickers
  • Tile stickers
  • Bike stickers
  • Bathroom stickers
  • Door stickers
  • Window stickers
  • Christmas stickers
  • Spring stickers
  • Summer stickers
  • Kids room stickers
    T shirts
  • Mugs
  • Baby on board stickers
  • Bed stickers
  • Floor Stickers

The main idea is to build a website, own a standard machinery in order for you to start your print on demand business, create a big amount of products in order to sell and make money.

Bellow we are going to analyse each category to get more information for each product

Wall Stickers

wall stickers print on demand
wall stickers print on demand

Wall stickers is on of the top product with high margin. With this product you can transform a boring wall and decorate almost any place inside a house, living room , kitchen, hall , bedroom , bathroom etc. In order to be able to make wall stickers you will need a cutting plotter. With a cutting plotter you can make 1 color wall stickers. If you want to make collorfull wall stickers you will need a cutting plotter and a large format digital printer. With these 2 machines you can have a large variety of finished products to sell. You will now only need many good designs to sell.

Canvas Prints

canvas prints print on demand
canvas prints print on demand

Canvas prints is another high profitable print on demand product. It is also very popular and has a perfect outcome when you want to decorate a wall. It can be used from offices to houses, or any other business decoration. Canvas prints can have a ton of variations, like triptych canvas prints, five piece canvas prints, diptych canvas, panoramic canvas, square canvas. Also there are a ton of different categories like food canvas, cities canvas, art canvas, abstract canvas , tree canvas, floral canvas , digital art canvas , oil painting effect canvas, Faces Canvas , Summer canvas , vintage canvas , world map canvas , vehicle canvas , copies of painting canvas, sports canvas , health canvas , business canvas , animal canvas , wedding canvas and more. If you want to make canvas prints the main machinery you are going to need is a printing plotter, canvas raw material , wooden slats , a circular saw and an air compressor with riveting gun.


print on demand posters
print on demand posters

Posters is a famous way to decorate a wall with a low budget.In order to make posters you will need the same printing plotter used to make canvas prints but the material you will need in order to print your posters you will be different from canvas. Posters are made from paper. For sure there are many types of papers and you should not use the cheapest paper roll if you want to make quality posters. Also a huge different categories apply to posters.

Door stickers

Door stickers are used to cover a door entirely. With this you can transform a door with anything you can imagine. From a new wooden pattern to a geometric background or a path inside a forest. It really is an awesome way to transform a door. To make door stickers you are going to need the same printer mentioned above, vinyl rolls, transparent lamination film , and a lamination machine. Ideas with graphics printed and decorate a door can be endless.

Window shop stickers

window shop stickers
window shop stickers

Windows shop stickers are used to showcase sales on shop’s or to create an interesting design for seasonal occasions such as christmas , spring , and summer.
Window summer stickers can be made with a cutting plotter and a large format printer. If you make the right installation instructions, customers will be able to install stickers by themselves. Installation is an easy process if you know how to do it!

Wardrobe stickers

Wardrobe stickers is an awesome decoration idea for bedrooms or hotels.This product can be made from your large format digital printer. You have to carefully get
the size of a wardrobe and measure each part separately. Then you cut a whole design in pieces and you make those stickers. Installation must be done from a specialist if you want to get perfect outcome. You can make a wardrobe look completely new with this application.

Wall murals

wall murals
wall murals

Wall murals is a great print on demand product. You can transform any wall with whatever you can imagine! You just need the printing plotter , self adheshive vinyl rolls , inks , high quality images. You can create any size you want and decorate a huge wall with high quality designs and bring a crazy and awesome outcome.

Furniture stickers

Furniture stickers is a way to transform an old furniture to a new style. The furniture has to be straight in order to apply a sticker design on it. The same printer will be used so nothing special needed in order to make furniture stickers. Also there can be a ton of design ideas to make to transform a furniture.

Laptop stickers

Laptop stickers is a nice way to protect and change a laptop. It is a good prnt on demand product but it is a very low ticket product.

Die cut stickers

Die cut stickers are mostly used on companies that want to advertise their products. You can produce at any size or design just using the printer and the cutting plotter.

Car stickers

Car stickers is a great print on demand product. You can make ready designs or you can have custom orders made for customers. Many people like to have an extreme design with stickers on their car. From small signs to extreme large designs can be a great print on demand product. You just need your imagination in order to create awesome products.

Fridge stickers

Fridge stickers can be used to cover damages on an old fridge. Or even to change the color of a fridge. The outcome can be really awesome!

Tile stickers

tiles stickers
tiles stickers

Tile stickers are used on old tiles in order to change a bathroom or a kitchens old and ugly outcome. You can make whatever design you want and create a beautiful new and modern outcome for a kitchen or a bathroom.

Bike stickers

You can also make stickers for bikes or stickers for motorcycles. You can create your own unique ideas or make some custom ideas if requested by your customers.

Bathroom stickers

bathroom stickers
bathroom stickers

You can make bathroom stickers for decoration or to hide any damages on the bathroom tiles.

Window stickers

You also can make decorative window stickers, or stickers in order to cover the whole windows

Christmas stickers

Christmas stickers can be used on shops or even at home for Christmas season.
You can create a ton of ideas and sell them on Christmas . Christmas stickers is a great product to sell on the internet because it is seasonal product and has good profit.

Spring stickers

Spring stickers can be used mostly for shops. Either for discount and promotions or even just to create a nice outcome on the window shop vitrine.

Summer stickers

Summer stickers are mostly used on shops.

Kids room stickers

Kids room stickers is a great way to decorate any kids room or a nursery room

T shirts

This is a huge print on demand product with great success. You can sell t shirts with your own uniques design ideas.


With print on demand mugs is a great product to sell.

Baby on board stickers

Baby on board stickers is a sign sticker installed on a car to showcase that there is a baby inside the car so the surrounding drivers should be more careful.

Bed stickers

Bed stickers can be used to change the color of a bed if made from wood. You can cover every part of a bed and make a unique change.

Floor Stickers

Floor stickers can be a an awesome idea to install promotions on shops or even to make a decoration on your floor. You could even cover a whole floor and make an impressive change to a space


With print on demand product creation ideas can be endless. It is a business based on graphic design and printing product ideas ready to be consumed. It is a creative work and people do love print on demand products because those products transform their places.

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