Do you want to learn how to go from an employee to a 6 figure print on demand online business owner? Well keep reading.

Yes if you know the right steps to follow you can build a print on demand business with low investment in the beginning and grow a print on demand business online.

The equipment needed varies depending on what you actually want to achieve. Here i will share a true story to see if it fit’s to your needs.

I will explain equipment needed to start making wall stickers, stickers, canvas prints, wall murals and many other print on demand products.

First you should get a machine to make stickers. Many people ask if it possible to start a print on demand business with no money. I just explain my opinion

For start you can get a vinyl plotter. A vinyl plotter can be cheap option to start. But what you really have to do is to build a lot of nice designs to sell online just with a vinyl plotter.

In order to have steady sales you must build your own website in order to have the most control possible, in your traffic, prices, products. You must learn as much as you can about digital marketing. The thing goes making the product -> Listing the product to your website -> Getting traffic – > Help the traffic convert -> Keep your customer Happy.

Only and only then you will become profitable. If you multiply it then you are going to have an online business that can generate income for years.

Building a website these days is an easy to follow process. You must build your website using wordpress and woocomerce.

Learn how to get quality organic traffic, then start building your search ads, then start converting this traffic to sales and leads.

Start today and in a few months you can have a print on demand business. You will learn everything step by step by doing stuff.

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