powerful prayer to attract customers

Are you looking powerful prayer to attract customers to your online & local store?

As a print on demand business owner for 12 years i want to express what i did and i am sure my experience help you solve your problem. First of all you will have to fix your mindset whatever it takes.

Everything starts from inside you. If you wake up in the morning and you have a bad feeling or you blame everything around you, then you must know that you are building a great negativity force that follows you along the way every day.

I have seen this and i believe it is true that negativity just boosts your negative situation more. So how can you change that? If you want to start doing things to improve your life , your income , or to gain a lot of new customers the first thing you want is to remove from yourself negative thoughts , and start believing in yourself first.

Also you must know that you must fix yourself in order to be able to receive more customers or people in your life. If your online store , or physical store is outdated , dirty , wrong messages, not compelling enough to attract customers , then how customers will come to you?

Even if the customers will come and you are not smiling , or you don’t look really good , how in the world you want people to be attracted to you?

Yes it is that simple. All the things i am writing you right now are the exact things i follow on my own in order to improve my 12 years online & local business.

Not all customers will like you and that is ok. But if 70% visiting you are leaving right away , then this is a sign that something is very wrong and you should change it as soon as possible.

A real example i saw with my own eyes is on my online shop. I had installed 2 different templates. When i had activated template 1 visitors where just visiting only 1 page and then leave. When i changed it to template 2 i had an average 7 page views, and some visits in my local store and also some purchases.

I found out that this was the way something like a/b testing.

A/b testing is sending 100 people to a website and 50% percent of them see template 1 and the rest of them see the template 2

Then you are getting in a conclusion that most people react better on template b

A/b testing does not work only on websites. It also works in real life.

So my final advise to you. First change your self to a better version of you. Start slowly, you cannot change in one day but for sure you can change in 1 month. Start dressing better, be more clean , and talk as sweet as possible to other people and on the phone also. Hear people first. they will give you clues, you just have to open your eyes and ears.

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