Here i want to share some real new job red flags i have heard about or seen my self.

Talking about a new job with a store owner after we talked about the salary he wanted to know if i was married or had kids, i said , no , and he said ok then can you work from 9 to 19:00 six days per week; I said no i can’t and he said but why;

I said i can work from 9 to 17:30 maximum , because i must live. And he put his head down, you understand why because people don’t like to heat you wanna live. I know by talking like that to someone isn’t going to be good for my position, but what should i do; give all my time to the business; for what reason; I don’t want to give my free time to someone else so that was red flag for both of us.

Another red flag, i sent to someone asking for work, he was asking about 5 hours per day, and after sending an email with my resume he sent me a message on viber. I answered politely and then he answered back , i want to know why you are interesting in working only 5 hours, are you working somewhere else? I just did not answer.

Getting a new job is quiet tough and strange. People thing they own you. But the can’t own me. They can have some of my hours, that’s it.

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