My Story: Endless learning to make an online business

My name in short will be Dimaretx and this is my blog.

I started this blog to help and give my big experience on building an online business – print on demand business.

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I now teach my readers how to start profitable print on demand business as a print on demand business owner for 12 years + also contains a lot of information on graphic design, large format digital printing , and how to grow an online business and make money online

However, i spent years on learning new stuff and implementing.

Throughout my life, I made a lot of jump ups
So here is some things to know:

My journey starts back in 2002 when I started officially my first job as a graphic designer & large format digital printing. I really did not now a lot of things back then, just I new how to use Corel draw and some photoshop. In the first company I worked I was printing all day promotional prints from other companies. I had to check the image quality before print and help with the right color outcome on each different material I had to print each job.

On 2006 I jumped from large format digital printing specialist to large format printer technician. With this job I had an amazing experience. I travelled a lot outside of my country with is Greece. Bellow are some photos from some of the places visited.