Marketing is the only way to grow online sales in a print on demand business. When you are trying different things on how you market a print on demand website also people change how thy react. You must try different things, and see what results you are getting. For example i tried giving a coupon to my visitors and they where buying only 1 canvas with aproximate price at 60 euros. But when i changed the way i was marketing the business i was getting large orders something like 300 & 400 euros. You must prefer less orders but with high price. You ask why? Because it is not easy to get many orders, you need more traffic, and having more traffic either paid or organic is not easy. You also want to make sure you are using scarcity, without scarcity people will not buy your products. This is how internet and print on demand works. You must use FOMO in order to get people to buy, Otherwise they will not. Another good thing to do is to create an email marketing funnel, This will grow your online sales more. Also, people don’t want to talk on the phone. They must know who you are in order to want to talk to you. The best thing you have to do in order to start marketing your business is to try different marketing tactics, and see what best fit’s to you. Remember that the best thing is to do 1 step at a time. Don’t give too much offers because people get confused. A confused mind will not buy. I have seen this in action. If you want to learn how i was running a print on demand business for 12 years plus selling and making canvas prints and wall murals, i welcome you to see my free training on how to build a profitable print on demand business. You can also check my recommended print on demand equipment to start a print on demand business

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