Are you looking for a machine to make stickers?

First you want to know that stickers are not 1 thing. There are several different categories you can make stickers depending on what exactly you need them for.

In this post we will share what machine you can get in order to make stickers with digital printing, of large format printing.

These stickers are made of vinyl. This means that the material used is vinyl, and not paper. Vinyl is a great quality and lasts long. So it is a good choice.

So these kind of stickers can be made by 2 machines.

The first and most affordable machine is a vinyl cutter plotter.

Equipment needed to start a print on demand business
Equipment needed to start a print on demand business

With a vinyl plotter you cut a shape or an outline design onto a vinyl roll. Those vinyls rolls can be whatever color you like. In the end you will be left with a design onto the paper. The image bellow shows a wall sticker made from a vinyl cutter – plotter. So you get a good idea of how you can actually make a finished product

Vinyl cutters are affordable and a great way to start making money online.

In order to make stickers with a vinyl plotter you are going to need to learn corel draw. Corel draw is a software that makes and edit’s vector based deigns.

software to make stickers
software to make stickers

If you get a summa vinyl plotter there is a free software with the machine that connects with corel draw and sends the design form corel draw to the vinyl cutter software.

Building a print on demand business online can make you money if you put the work and build something for your self on the side.

The image bellow is a screenshot from a google analytics account. This shows what one of my print on demand stores are doing.

I have been a print on demand business owner making 6 figures per year selling wall stickers and canvas prints.

Print on demand products are a legit way to make money online. Those are great products that people love.

Bellow i share some great products to understand exactly what they are

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