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Welcome! Are you looking legal loopholes to make money? Who doesn’t love some extra thousands per month! I will share a story, but before that i want to let you know that i am not and advisor and you should make extra investigation in your country’s regulation.

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Recently i learn’t from my accountant that anybody can have 10.000 euros per year legally on it’s 9-5 job. That means that if someone has a 9-5 job can build something on the side , like a service business or print on demand business using existing websites to sell art. But i have seen no one to very little people know this and do something with that. The biggest problem is that people are procrastinating or they don’t believe they can do this. In order to build something that generates money from the internet , yes you have to put a lot of work , you have to gain a ton of new skills , and you have to be patience. Most people that start something online and fail is because lack of clarity , motivation , know what to expect , and belief.

Back in 2011 i started my own print on demand business without knowing a lot of things and i reached 6 figures per year selling print on demand products. Of course i did not started from 0. I already had knowledge on graphic design, large format digital printing, but i did not know about marketing, building websites , and bring sales to an online business. After 12 years plus i have to tell you that if you want to jump on a new business do it. If you don’t do it you will stay there where you are. In life you must try new things and be positive. Make sure you educate your self on the thing you are looking to do.

Just take a look at the screenshot bellow. This is earnings from one of my websites earning money organically

And if you would like to see one of my best months selling real products i made just take a look in the image bellow.

The image above is a screenshot from one of my ecom websites from google analytics. It shows a monthly revenue I was making and selling canvas prints and wall stickers. It is a real product that people like to buy online. That is how money are made online.

I am not showing these stuff to brag. I just want to show you that it is possible to make money online if you only try. But how are you going to make money it’s up to you. Think, what do you have that someone would give you money for exchange.

This is an example when you are getting sales on your online shop.

The more value you can provide to others the more money you will make. It is possible but it will not happen fast. Learn as much as you can from others people experience. Yes you must invest some money, without investing you will not get something back. Set a goal of what you want to achieve and brake it into small steps in order to achieve this thing for yourself. In my blog i teach my 12 years experience on how to build a website and sell things – print on demand products.

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I am always searching the internet and looking legit ways to make money online.
Actually you need just 1 thing to make money. You just need a sustainable marketing example to do steady income

I found a great man that helps people make money with real , and when i say real i mean it, real ways to make money online and offline. It teaches you how to start an affiliate marketing business.

affiliate marketing requires that you build a website, get traffic and promote other peoples products. It sounds easy but it’s not. A lot off people struggle because of not getting the right guidance.

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