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I hate my job so much it gives me anxiety

I hate my job so much it gives me anxiety. If you have landed in this page it means something is wrong with your job and for sure it is not fulfilling, you maybe thinking quit your job or you need to change your life. So you should do something if you want to change your situation. I have been there and i know how it feels. The tough economy we are living right now is not easy for all of us.

First of all don’t panic. Start talking with your closest people to hear what solutions will they give you. Make serious internal thoughts of what do you really want. If needed start creating a new resume if you are thinking to look for another job and start applying now so in the near future you will have some different options and thinking of changing you job.

Start finding new ways to build a side income, side hustle , or find a totally new income stream so you can be money independed and not need to work again. In order to start making extra money you have to search a lot and it will take some time. But i am sure you can do it if this is what you want.

You have to set a target and break it in small and easy steps to reach your desired target. Great thing do not happen by an accident, never, you must bring those great things to your life, only by following the right principles, have the right mindset, and really do something about it.

Internet has plenty of ways to start making money but it is not that fast. You just have to gain new skills and start learning ways on how to make money online. It’s not that difficult , it’s not that easy.

A lot of people are making money online these days with various and different ways.

The best way to start making money almost with nothing (not big investments) is to start an affiliate marketing income stream. I have an article that explains more about that topic and if you are interested to start making money in the next months
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Make money with youtube

Making money on youtube it’s totally possible if you follow basic rules. There are some experts that know how to do it. Everything can be done if you learn how.
There are special programs that teach this making money system and can be found here

Build a drop shipping print on demand business

You can make money by building a drop shipping print on demand business. You just have to create nice designs and start your own shop on print on demand websites like t-spring or red bubble.

Become a free lancer .

By becoming a freelancer you can sell your services where people need them. Identify your main skills do a research if you can monetize them. And look for places you can add your offer and explain why should someone work with you.
Take this step only if you think freelancing will not make you say I hate my job so much it gives me anxiety.

Become a graphic designer.

If you love graphics you can become a graphic designer. Graphic designer is a high income skill that it is needed a lot on companies.

Start an affiliate marketing website.

You can make decent income just by building an affiliate marketing website.

Build a print on demand real business.

If you have some love making products in order to sell make a print on demand business.


We all have been in a bad situation with our jobs and it is a thing that will not stop happening. The only thing you can do is to get to a better position. In order to get in a better position you must become money independed. To become a money independed you must build a separate income stream. This will happen only if you get new skills and be patience. Knowing how it’s done is 50% win of the battle, the other 50% becomes by doing it. With those 2 things you can succeed.

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I hate my job so much it gives me anxiety

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