I you are reading this i have to tell you you are in a good position. Think if you hated your job but you where not paid enough, that would be double bad!

The first thing you want to do is to see that you are in a good position, because you are. But if you want to be in a better position you must do something about your situation.

Why not put things down and try to build a side income. That would put you in a better situation.

Making money extra money thus is not easy, you must learn how it’s done and try to build something in your spare time. If you believe you have not spare time then nothing fantastic will happen on it’s own. You are the only person who can do a fantastic thing for your self.

When i was working for somebody else i was always looking to make money. But i really found it very hard. When i started my print on demand business i understood why in the real world is not easy to make money.

Making money needs an audience who have a specific problem. When the business solves that problem in an effective way, then money is made. You see there is a value exchange. This is the only way to make extra money.

So in order to achieve that goal you must have something valuable, then you want to find that specific audience, and solve a proble.

This when you will make extra money.

And the next important thing is to have great consistency. Without it you will fail.

So the best advice you have to follow is, find what value can you give to other people,

find those people, and try to make them understand what is your value and how you can help them.

Then you will start making some extra income.

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