I am really wondering not how but if you can survive on 900 per month. I would say no for sure. So the question should not be how to survive on 900 a month. But what you can really do to grow more income.

Asking more money on your current job will not get you anywhere. I have seen this a lot. It’s not your fault, it’s our society’s fault. People who run a business want to take care themselves and not you.

So we get down to a correct path right now. You must take care your self, but how do you do this? A lot of people are trying to build something on the internet, i have tried also with a print on demand business for 12 years. I can’t tell you that it is easy but i have seen what is possible.

With this blog i want to educate people as i am looking for a way to serve a specific group of people.

Making extra income is not your great power or your great abilities. Making money is the ability to make others see value on you. This is the biggest weapon. Many people think i can do this and this and this, but they fail to make money. You may ask why…. I am telling you what the answer is. You must start looking how others see you, and change your self in a way others find value in you. This is difficult but this is where the key is.

All i am sharing are my real thoughts and i have seen everything in real life.

Change your self the way others see you and you will succeed.

It is the only way.

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