Welcome! If you are looking to start a sticker business the you are in the right place. Back in 2011 i started my own sticker business and in this post i will share the steps i took in order to build my sticker business.So this is a real guide you want to gain experience from.

First in order to reach to the steps i must share some info for you to completely understand everything.

I started working on a large format printing company and i learnt a lot over there. There are many different printers , different media , and a ton of different applications when running a sticker business. After 4 years i moved to a business as a technician.

This company saw me exit my previous job, i asked them if they where looking for an employer and they told me that they would like to go and work there. So for 4 years i worked there as a technician on large format printers. This job gave me a lot traveling experience for exhibitions and training on large format printers like Hp Latex printers.

Those 8 years i was working there i was always looking for something more. I must tell you that i was fascinated by reading the book the secret, and this gave me positive thoughts.

On 2010 the economic crisis hit my country and there was a lot of bad things going on.In the same time i had rented a house and i was thinking to my self… this is how life will be? I will just work just to pay the bills?

Of course i was silly and i did not know that if you want to make money you can’t be an employee. So in order to avoid any bad economic crisis i left my house and returned back to my parents. I did that in order to collect some money and find what i wanted to do in order to build a business for my self.

On February 2011 I understood that soon or later i would have to leave this job because the company would not needed me anymore because of the big economic crisis. And on March i got the Aha moment. I saw that on the internet you could sell things online.

The first thought i had was… i don’t know how it’s done…(selling online) but i will learn and i will do it. Here what i want you to hold is the mindset. The mindset made me hold an online business for 12 years plus. Nothing else.

I was no lucky, people where and are very difficult to buy these things online and the economy for the last 12 years is going only worse.But i really made it.How? With great focus, great learning new things each and every day until now and to infinity.

So on March while on the business as a technician i started building my website on the side without really knowing a lot of things but i was open and i wanted to learn and try.

So I bought my first vinyl cutter, summa , i bought some vinyl rolls , i made a website and i was planning to start it soon. On August the company informed me that i would loose my 50% of my salary or i would have to leave the company.

This is where i said… know it is the time.. My new business was almost ready and the company in reality wants me to leave. So i told them i will leave, that was my choice. And from 2011 of August i started my entrepreneurship journey. But the story does not end there. It is and it was a daily fight to keep and run an online business.

It is not easy as you may never relax and you have to expand yourself to many directions. From creating new products to producing them, and to become a great sales man if you want to go forward.

So i started my own sticker business with a website , a cutter plotter and great will. After 2 years i bought my first printer and i grew my business by building and a second website. I also got my first employer and keep moving forward.

What you will need in order to build a succesfull sticker business: You will need to have contacts in the same field, you will need to learn a lot about business world and how to make sales. You have to have discipline on money spending, you have to be ready for every difficult challenge. You must think of the future and not the moment.

Never stay the same as if you do it you will fail. You need to make progress each and every day. You must learn to hear your customers and understand them. People will not pay you easily. That is a fact on most businesses.

If you have great will you will find the way.Remember you don’t really need a ton of capital to get started. You just need a small investment to start selling some stickers, for example a cutter plotter, and you grow as you move forward.

No one will help you, you are your own hero. Just learn as much as you can and you will save yourself from a ton of bad situations.

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