Print on demand business model is one of the best way to make money online. With print on demand in a few words you produce the product when an online order comes. It is one of the most affordable way to build a business as it doesn’t need big investment upfront in inventory. You just need some basic machines that produces the product.

Print on demand explained

Print on demand is when you have products that you actually print them, see 25 print on demand product ideas. It can be canvas prints, stickers & wall stickers, laptop stickers, door stickers, floor stickers , fridge stickers , and a lot more! So as you can see creating print on demand products can be anything the market want’s or need. You just have to do properly market research and create your own unique products that will be hard to find elsewhere.

What do you need to start a print on demand business

In order to start a print on demand business you are going to gain some skills first!. You will need to extract your art self and start creating unique designs on every category if you want to have products that really stand out from your competition. Starting a print on demand business can be quite easy if you first start a sticker business and can be affordable if you start just with just cutting plotter.

Build an online store.

In order to build a successful print on demand business you will need to have your own website, your own machines, your own traffic. This will be the most profitable path, because your are not going to be held by anyone. You can build your online store with wordpress and wooCommerce almost for free.

Setting up you store

Setting up your store in the beginning with the right steps is crucial. Setup your google search console, setup your google analytics, those 2 are critical to understand and know how they work as this is key to success. Learning visitor behaviour on a website is also a critical step if you want to increase your conversion rates. As an online business owner your eyes must be on your traffic growth, on your prices and offers , and also on building your fan base from the start. Customer experience must be your top priority! The image bellow is a real screenshot from a google search console of a website that has organic traffic.

google search console
google search console

Start collecting leads & build your list

From day 1 you want to start building you list. Today there are a ton of email marketing tools you can start for free. Building your list is the number 1 thing that will make your print on demand business profitable. You also are going to need funnel building software in order to sell to those leads and make your business a real money printing business.

Research your market and build your main categories.

With google keyword planner you should start researching your market before you create your categories. The success comes here. If you make products , or categories that people don’t search for what is the point? You will have a product that the market isn’t searching for. In that case you want to start advertising on social media so that way you will show your ideas to people who don’t have a clue on your product, and that way you will raise the desire for your product.

Start getting traffic

Start getting traffic and give extensive caution on visitor behaviour, if you are getting phone calls or not. If you have traffic and you are not getting phone calls this is a bad sign. This means that there is not big interest on your website and you would consider rewrite your copywriting message if you want to see greater results. People do read what you say but if they don’t care you will not see any good results.

Fulfill your orders.

Sooner or later you will start getting sales. Your orders should fulfill at a good amount of time. You should tell your visitors what could they whait for concerning your time delivery. This will help them a lot.

Ask your customers if they are happy with their purchase

After sending your product you should check if your customers are happy with their order. Send them an email that you ask for feedback.

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