First of all you want to know that all wall stickers are not the same. Depending on the way are made each wall sticker might be from total different material or vinyl quality, so the glue might be different, like permanent glue, semi permanent , or removable.

If your wall sticker has removable glue this means just by putting your nail and start trying to remove it of your wall it will be too easy to remove it just like that.

If the glue is semi permanent you might find it a bit difficult to remove it.

If the glue is permanent you will have to use a hot air in order the glue to become active and more soft.

In some cases the sticker will remove some paint from your wall. This depends on 2 factors. How good was your wall painted and how removable is the glue of your wall stickers.

The worst thing that can happen is to have some of your paint removed by the wall sticker. If this thing happen you have to paint your wall again.

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