Decorating your space with canvas is an affordable and a great way to make a change in your space! Printing on canvas is not a hard thing to do! First you want to find your desired image. It could be a photo from your phone or an artwork you made or found on the internet. In order to get the correct quality output you should check your design for the best print resolution.

How to print on canvas
How to print on canvas

The best type we found in order your canvas print have the best outcome we suggest that you use gallery wrap. Gallery wrap is when the side of your canvas has the same image but mirrored. This is called gallery wrap. Gallery wrap is use full if you don’t want your side of your canvas to be white or any other random color. And it goes smoothly into your wall decoration because it is not a random color and it is similar to your chosen artwork.

Now you have to choose the size you want. A good size for example would be 60X40cm , a 80X50 cm or even an 1X70 cm. The best way to choose is to take a measure and check it on your wall to see what would be a good fit. It is the only way to make the right choice.

So right now we have checked the image resolution, we know that we are going to use gallery wrap and we made a choice for the final size of our frame.

Know you may go to your favorite print house or you can print it online.

Canvas prints is a good print on demand product, and you could build a side hustle selling canvas prints.

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