In order to make stickers at home you will need the following:

A software to open and edit graphics such as corel draw, photoshop, word etc.
A connection to the internet in order to find your favorite designs.
A color printer
Some self adhesive print papers
A measurement ruler
And a lot of creation.

First you want to browse the internet and find high quality images, vectors and designs. You can find great designs in a huge variaty and free in

Just type what exactly you have in your mind to start getting results with great graphics. In our example we are going to use the keyword stickers, and we are going to choose vectors from the left side, this will show us designs that are very easy editable in corel draw or illustrator.

You want to scroll and find the designs you like. This website contains a lot of free graphics to download. You want to download and unzip the design you like. Then you want to import the file in corel draw or illustrator.

You want to setup your page as an A4 size as this is the most common size you are able to print on most common home printers.

Now you want to take your measurement ruler and identify what size would be the best for you to make those stickers. You can make also some copies on your a4 so you fill your page with all the stickers you need.

Then you want to print this page using your printers software. Next you want to laminate your print with a clear self adheshive in order to get maximum quality.

The last thing you need to do is to get a cutter and cut the stickers in the outline.

This is how you can make stickers at home.

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