Making print on demand products is a great way to make money online. This is an art. Knowing how to create digital assets that will make you money in the near future is a good investment if you are looking to work in that field. Also learning how to produce them is key in order to be profitable as this is the way to have full control in your business.

What you need to learn in order to make specific print on demand products:

You must learn basic functions in corel draw and photoshop (minimum software required)

You must learn how stickers are produced by a vinyl plotter and a large format printer.

You must learn how to produce print on demand products. This will only come by experience and working on the job as every job is.

Understand how different equipment exists like water based printers, solvent based printers with eco inks, different cutter plotters sizes and brands , different vinyl types to choose from etc.

There is not a perfect combination. Each person is at a different scale – position so how could a perfect answer exist.

But the more knowledgable you become on that specific topic the best things will come up for your favour in the future.

Learn and teach your self as much as possible in the topic. Follow your instinct in order to accomplish your dream.

Important aspect of this business is to become familiar with sizes and dimensions. If you are not able to understand those don’t move on. Just get familiar because you are going to create products, based on sizes and this is a critical skill among others you will also have to master.

Next you want to start mastering cmyk process. Cmyk is the way most large format printers are printing. Cyan Magenta Yellow Black. All colors produced by a digital printer are made out of these 4 colours – inks.

Understand & learn how from a computer a design – product will come out from a printer. What else do you have to do in order to finish the product such us packaging and lamination.

Dimaretx is a blog on print on demand and other software reviews and services that help you build a profitable print on demand business.

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