how to make money with print on demand

Print on demand business Ideas In 2023

If you want to make money online building a print on demand business is an awesome way to build wealth for yourself and one of the most profitable online business online

I have been a print on demand business owner for 12 years plus selling wall stickers, canvas prints and more similar print on demand products.

What Are the Best print on demand business Ideas?

The Steps To build a print on demand business ideas 

First you want to make sure you attain some graphic design skills and get familiar with the top graphic design softwares in the market. This may be a new skill you will have to attain in order for you to run a successful print on demand business

Then you want to find the best print on demand category for you. Maybe it can be t-shirts, maybe it can be stickers, maybe it can be canvas prints or wall murals

After finding your sweet spot on what print on demand business you want to envolve in you want to consider getting the right machinery for startup, get a domain name and hosting, start building your website , categories and products. (This can take some time but nothing good in life comes easy. You will have to put work and effort if you want to make money online

Learning graphic design and popular software needed

You can find online a lot of e-learning videos to gain a skill on graphic design, and the use of the graphic design software needed in order for you to build that business. Some of the e-learning websites are udemy and skillshare. This will be your first step in order to learn how to make products with graphic design software.

Finding your best category for print on demand

Here you must start with one category, make it work and then move to a second category.
Some categories are, mugs,canvas,wall stickers,posters, t-shirts.

Building your website

Finding a domain name and a web hosting should be top priority for you if you want to star a print on demand business.

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What Is print on demand

Print on demand business is a business where you sell products that are made by printers mainly. Example canvas prints, wall stickers, wall murals. etc..

How Can print on demand Benefit You

If you follow the above steps and you will create unique designs for your market, a print on demand business can make you a lot of money. You may have unique designs where people can only purchase from you, so it is a unique business opportunity.


Building a print on demand business is a real way to make money online. It can be profitable because you don’t have to get a huge amount of products in order to sell and make money, you just make-print the product when you already get the sale. In this business you just need some machinery upfront to be able to make the products and off course you need the material in order to create the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much revenue can i make with print on demand busines
    You can make easily from 100.000 or more per year if done correctly
  2. Can i expand the business?
    Of course! When you become profitable you can expand to more products
  3. How much time will it need in order to start making money after the website is ready?
    You will need at least 3-6 months in order to optimize the website and find what works and what not.

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