The first thing you want to understand is why you can’t get a job. There is obvious a reason. The most common reason where you can’t get a job is specific. You can’t get a job because when someone interviews you your body language tells them not to hire you.

How you speak, how your face looks , and what your answers are is key to get hired. People will not welcome you if you show negative things. And you are maybe doing it without knowing.

So the first thing i would suggest talk with your closest people and share your experience why you really can’t get a job. Be openminded and hear everything they have to say. Somethings might be the key why you are not able to get a new job.

Then you might want to expand your self a little bit by start learning ways to make money.

Don’t believe everything you hear about making money online. I will tell you that it is possible but it is not easy and takes time (minimum 2 years to start seeing great results.)

Making money online comes simple, have a product that the market wants and is willing to pay for. Sell as much as you can in order to become profitable. Repeat and grow.

Growing online is tough. You must have great quality content that stand’s out in your market. Imagine that people are working to take your cut.

Educate yourself if you want to start making money online.

Maybe you want to start with affiliate marketing.

If done right in some months you might have a passive income generating machine.

But it’s not easy….

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