Do you make art? do you want to make money with your art?

Welcome to If you make art you should put your products on the internet and get eyeballs to your products. There is no way you won’t make money if people love your art!

For 12 years plus owning a print on demand business i can assure you you should already be selling. If you have a great number of products and put the effort you will make a decent amount of money selling your art

If you want to make money with your art you have to follow the next steps

Build a website

If you want to make decent amount of money you should have your own website. Yes you must learn new things such as building a website, seo , marketing , understand user behavior, become a good seller, learn about pschycology and how people work. If you own your own website and build your brand you can create a sustainable business.

Produce your art fast

If you are going to build a online business you have to find ways to produce your art fast. Example if you want to sell canvas prints and you make digital art, you must learn a few things about graphic design software like corel draw and illustrator, learn about large format digital printing, Vinyl sticker cutting etc.

Become a seller

The most important before you proceed you have to become a good seller. People are very sensitive on how the are sold to. Choose your marketing tactics in a smart way and educate yourself on copywriting , lead generation order processing , human pshycology sales. There are exciting new things to learn if you try this adventure.

Learn graphic design

If you are going to produce your art with machinery you must get familiar with some graphic design tools like corel draw and photoshop. You will learn only the basics , you don’t have to learn all the software at once, You just have to learn some basic functions in order to produce your art.

Learn online marketing

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