Are you a graphic designer and struggle to make money? I know how it feels as i have also been there too. A graphic designer often is not getting paid what he/she should be paid. I am sure your customers see you like playing on the computer, pushing some buttons and you ask for money people don’t want to pay.

I am telling you this i have been in this situation and you are not the only one who feels that way. But there is a solution. In order to make money as a graphic designer you must be able to have something to sell. Something that has real value for people and they will want to give you money in exchange for that product. Only this way you are going to be able to make money.

A real life experience from a graphic designer who made money selling products is to sell wall stickers, canvas prints and other print on demand products.

People want and like to decorate their spaces with nice wall art. As a graphic designer you have to put in some small investments to get a vinyl cutter at first, build a lot of good designs and start selling them on your own website. You can make a decent amount of money if you start doing it.

You must gain some new skills like how to setup a new wordpress website, learn how to. make stickers with a vinyl plotter, how to do seo , how to promote your products with google ads and facebook ads, and how to increase your conversion rates online.

If you follow the right steps you could be making 6 figures per year. You just have to learn how to do it.

You could ask who am i and why i tell you this. Well i am a graphic designer, a large format printing specialist, and a print on demand business owner. I am totally self taught on how to build a print on demand business and i want to assure you that if you follow the right steps you will be able to to make money on the internet selling real products to people that will want to pay you.

The image bellow is a screenshot for a google analytics account with sales done within a month.

Of course it’s not easy to from zero to this number per month.

But i will share data to know what is possible

1st month build your website and 60 products – 0 $

2nd month build another 60 products – 0 $

3rd month build another 60 products – 0 $

4rth month build another 60 products – 0 $

5th month build another 60 products 147$

6th month keep adding more products 246 $

7th month more products to your website 699 $

8th month more products – Sales will start growing as you grow your website

The following image shows revenue got only from organic traffic from a website

And this is from 1 channel only.

You can understand that if you learn how to grow your website build great products that people want to buy you will make money as a graphic designer. It is possible!

In this website i am teaching how a graphic designer can make money building a print on demand website selling stickers, canvas prints and wall murals.

If you believe that is an interesting way to make money or build something on the side for yourself and only i would suggest that you see the free training on how to do it.

Just click on the button bellow to get started.

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