Now we are going to learn how to make a pentaptych canvas. The first thing we need to do is to define the final size of the canvas print. We are going to use a combination of Corel Draw and Photoshop to finalize the design and the mock up.

Using our graphic design skills and imagination we are going to create a design with dimensions 1.50X90 (m X cm)

So we took a wooden background and added a world map and a compass so here is our final design. The design made using photoshop at a real size and in 72 pixels per inch.

Image with the canvas.

Now we want to open corell draw. I must mention here that the size of the canvas prints will have the following dimensions.

1 wooden frame of 38Χ90 cm.
2 wooden frames of 30Χ72 cm.
2 wooden frames  21Χ51 cm.

Each canvas frame will have maximum 5 cm distance between each other.

So we design five rectangles with the size mentioned above and we align them by center and with 3 or 5 centimeters distance between them.

This is how you build the outline witch we are going to export from corel draw as an eps and we will open the file on eps in real size and at least 72 pixels per inch in order to get the best print resolution.

In the following image you can see the eps opened in photoshop. Now we are going to combine our main image design with the five piece mockup in order to be left with the 5 pieces we actually need in order to print those on canvas.

Now we want to create gallery wrap. Gallery wrap is the technique used in order to cover the side of the canvas.

I personally find it ugly to leave the side of the canvas white. So you want to take each file in a separate actual file in photoshop in order to give at least 8 centimeters on each dimensions witch will lead to 4 centimeters around each dimension. This is called gallery wrap.

After finishing the gallery wrap now we must create 1 file and print it in one compact size. You want to put your 5 pieces and print as much less as much possible canvas print media.

The next step is to print the file, then use a scissor to cut carefully the pieces. Now we have to cut the wooden frames and start creating the final product. This is how you get your final pentaptych canvas!

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