In order to make money online with affiliate marketing you need to have 24hour traffic. This can be done with ads (it’s expensive right now) or you can do it by building organic traffic.

The image bellow shows how you can grow a website’s traffic over time and what could the benefit’s be of that time investment.

This a screenshot form a google analytics organic traffic. As you can see success does not comes very fast. Only with work , strategy and dedication you can achieve evergreen traffic and really make money online.

So in order to achieve free unlimitted free traffic to your links , you need to build a website around a niche. Learn how to do proper white hat seo, and rank your website to as many as possible keywords. Only and only then you are going to be able to have this evergreen unlimitted traffic to your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing has become a skill that anyone could master is they want it.

There is a great course on how to do affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn everything about affiliate marketing, how to build your website and start getting free traffic as soon as possible then i would propose that you start the course in the button bellow.

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