How to generate leads. If you want to increase your business and your revenue you first want to increase your daily leads. If you own an e commerce business increasing lead generation is a must. This is how you keep talking to your potential customers in a no noise environment . If customers see you on search results you must understand that this is a noisy place and it is hard to stand out among other results.

If you own a wordpress and wooCommerce website then this is the right place to understand how you can increase your leads. First you want to think of a good lead magnet. Lead magnet is when you are giving something of great value to your visitors and get their email information as an exchange. That way you see a lot of people will be interested on what you have to offer.

Let’s brake down how to generate leads.

Setup a lead generate form
Identify your unique lead magnet that get’s high conversions
Connect the form to your email marketing tool (aweber)
Start checking what conversion you have on your daily leads.
Start checking what your leads are doing.
Identify when and how you got a win.
Multiply your win strategy and boost your sales.

Setup a lead generation form if you want how to generate leads

Setting up a lead genaration form can be quiite easy with so many available plugins.
In our example and recomendation we will use optincat

Installing optincat is a very easy process and can get you converting leads at no time. So first you want to get optincat and set it up.

how to generate leads
how to generate leads

After setting up your optincat plugin you want to go and add your first optin form by pressing Add New witch is the first option on your optincat menu on wordpress

The best way and high converting option is to use Popups. Just enter your desired name for your first pop up on “Enter name here”

optin cat setup 2
optin cat setup 2

If you scroll a little bit down you will see the following screenshot. I have seen the best converting pop up is with the name “Dark”

optin cat setup 3
optin cat setup 3

But you should test and find what best is working on your website. It does play a big role on what your website is offering and how much people find value on your website. Also a big role plays you copywriting and your source of traffic. If your traffic is not quality you are not going to get any value from it.

In order to know what a pop up lead conversion is you must understand that if you get something like 10% of steady conversion rate your on a very good spot. This is what you should aim for. But it doesn’t stop there. In order to get value from your leads you must redirect them to a proper landing page. A proper landing page could be a page with your top selling items or your top selling categories.

So after selecting your “Dark” pop up you will be redirected to the following page

Then you want to fill all the appropriate settings witch is very easy to do . What you are actually building right now is a pop up that will be your lead magnet. This way you are going to capture your leads. Remember that what you write on your pop up lead is going to make a huge difference on your lead conversion rates.

The next step is to connect your optincat lead magnet to your aweber account.

Another crucial step is to setup a follow up on what you want your reader to do or what you want to say to them. Finding the best follow up is a difficult part as you will need a lot of experience on what your market wants or needs.

You must start hearing carefully by analysing your google analytics and how your leads are responding to your messages. Your top priority should be high open rates, high click through rates and maybe get some phone calls with questions. If you pick a lot of questions when starting out your website should start and give these questions, and not somewhere hidden.

The most critical settings you will have to “play” with and find what works correctly is shown on the following image witch you will find just by scrolling a bit more down in your optincat pop up setup.

The best setup for me worked in the following path. I seted up a page called 3day where visitors would go there after subscribing. Why is that… because most leads are coming to a website and most of them leave. But if you create a page with your top selling categories you will be more likely to sell something with the appropriate copywriting.

The next critical setting will be your Display frequency, your devices to be shown , i prefer all and the success cookie duration witch you can leave as default.

The final setting will be Go Live

We will analyse what each one does.

Scrolled down

Scrolled down is a setting that tells the pop up how much should a visitor scroll down to a page and then the pop up will show up. This is a great function as you let your visitor first understand what is your website about and then let me choose how they will interact with your lead form.

Number of pageviews

Here you set the number of page views your your pop up will show up. This way you might have less conversions but the quality of the lead will be better. Because you let your prospects see more of your content , engage , and this way your lead has higher potential to become a customer. That way you filter out somehow leads that are not very interested on what you have to offer to them.

Time on page.

This setting is how much time after a visitor spend on the page will be shown the pop up. This is also a good way to collect the right leads.

Only display on these pages.

If your site is big and you want to have different strategies on what you want to accomplish on each section on your website the the only display on these pages will be a good fit. With optincat you can have as many as you like pop ups.

Never display on these pages.

This is when you want to disable your pop up from a page. If you don’t want for a reason on a specific page not to show your pop up then here is where you setup this option.

Exit intervention

By setting up this you are going to show your pop up only when a visitor exits. This will work better on a pc, rather than mobile or tablet.

Think Smart.

If you use this guide, and think smart you can create your self a great sustainable business. You should learn about sustainable marketing example and put it in action if you want to survive in the online world.


Optin cat can is a good plugin that has a lot of great features if you want to start collecting leads and grow your business. Get your now

All this experience comes from 12 years running a print on demand business
If you need more info read optincat review

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