Back in 2011 i started my website with little know how to do stuff. Since then i am learning every day what i can do better for my websites.

Disavowing links in google search console is a must for everyone that has a website. Negative seo has become a trend the last years in almost any niche because of tough competition.

If you want to disavow links in google search console you must first locate those bad links.

Those links will come from irrelevant websites whit spam score and with low dr. This is how other people are trying to harm your rankings.

After locating all the domains you want to exclude from pointing to your website you can generate a file from susodigital

You paste on the left the domains you want to disavow and then you generate a file containing all the harmfull links.

Then you go to your google search console and you upload them where you want them to get disavow.

You are done.

This is how simple it is to disavow your bad links.

Please keep in mind that you should be very careful with this action.

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