What if i told you that my print on demand business i started back in 2011 cost me something like 7000 euros to start? Yes that number is pretty low, but with the right knowledge and the right skills everybody can start a successful print on demand business.

Most people think they must invest thousands of euros or dollars in order to start a print on demand business. Stay till the end and you will understand how i started my own print on demand business for as low as 7.000 euros.

At that time i was already working on a large format printer company that we were selling large format printers and i was a technician on those printers. I already had similar background as i studied graphic design, and worked on a large format digital printing business. Everything taught on action in each job.

You never know if you will be good at your job unless you start doing a job. The reality was i liked computers, printing , making stickers and all similar stuff. Yes i love my job.

So before i quit my job i already had purchased a cutting plotter. With a cutting plotter you can make vinyl stickers at no time. It is one of the most profitable machines you can ever buy. The brand of the cutter is summa and if you are thinking starting a print on demand business this is how you should start. You don’t start a business by investing a ton of money without you knowing where are you going.

Investing a ton of money is a risk. But if you approach a business with small and steady steps, the right knowledge ,the right skills and the right people, you can achieve great things.

This is how i started my own print on demand business. I started with just 1 cutting plotter and in 12 years plus i purchase 3 large format printers to fulfil my new high profit product witch is canvas prints.

As a graphic designer i can tell you that if you have some love for computers, printing, colors, and creativity then starting a print on demand business is something you should do, but only with knowledge discipline and self motivation.

One bad thing is that you can not have the right consultation if you don’t do it yourself. It’s not easy to learn asking here and there. The right person who can pass you great experience is only people who have done this by themselves. If you know this kind of person you should talk with them. You will gain great benefit if they will share you their stories.

If you want to learn how to start a print on demand business make sure you join my free masterclass where i share valuable information on my real journey on building a print on demand business.

So in a few words if you want to start your journey with a print on demand business then you should go for it. Print on demand business can be profitable if you follow the right principles.

Print on demand can be profitable if you own unique pieces of digital artwork you can make by yourself. It is not that hard. You just have to set a desired target and understand the steps that will take you to that desired target.

There are a lot of print on demand products you can make. My choice was wall stickers, nursery stickers, window shop stickers , car stickers, these are the products i started selling.

As my business was growing i bought a large format digital printer for 5.000 euros, and 2 more along the way. With that printer i expanded my product selections to more products such as canvas prints and wall murals.

I must let you know that starting your own business will blow your knowledge about sales, and how people react on your business.

Print on demand is not a get rich quick scheme. But it can be a sustainable model if you have the right knowledge and direction only.

Think it that way, there is no actual a get rich scheme business that it actually exists. And if there is i would like to hear it… Don’t start a business if you want to make money fast. It is not easy and you will fail.

Start a business if you love what you are going to do , because on tough times you are the one who will hold yourself. And if you don’t like the business exit will be very fast. There will be hard times as they will be good times. This is how life goes, but if you are smart enough you can have more good times than bad.

The good times will come from the things you will do, the hard times will come from not knowing what you must do or from your procrastination.

So what steps should you take if you want to start your own print on demand business? Learn as fast as you can and you will adjust on your way. You can not start a business and be sure that it will be successful. Success is not gained by accident, success is a thing you catch. So in reality you are the one who will bring in the success, because almost never something fantastic comes to you by it self. You have to build it on your own.

My advice is that you should start learning, never stop , and keep moving forward

If you want to gain skills , learn how to start a Profitable print on demand business you should get my free masterclass where i will show you everything for free.

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