Graphic is my passion and i never let it go. Check why you should be a graphic designer. Unfortunately i have been to a country where people don’t use graphic designers a lot due to graphic design is a high income skill.

So as i graphic designer i had to learn ways to make money. Building a profitable print on demand business is a great way to earn income online as a graphic designer. You just need some new skills like digital printing and making stickers to sell, or even make canvas prints and wall murals.

You also need to start making some investments if you want to become profitable. You are going to need a vinyl cutter plotter in order to to start a sticker business. If you want to expand from there you are also going to need a printer plotter and start making canvas prints and wall murals. Print on demand can be profitable if done right.

By being a graphic designer you can expand to website building & e-commerce, also there are more possibilities like seo and advertising.

Almost any business that makes money will need a graphic designer. With the big rise of the internet more and more companies are using promotional content to create posts on social media, so graphic content is a must these days.

Companies will also need compelling images for their e-commerce websites, so the use of a graphic designer is a must.

A graphic designer does not stop there, there are endless possibilities that a graphic designer can achieve great things online just by focusing on the right things.

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