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In this blog i have set up my whole knowledge
How i went from a graphic designer to a large format digital printing specialist to a print on demand business owner
In this page i will give you a free lessonĀ 
Success on the internet is possible only by knowing how to bring in consistent sales. Growing your traffic and getting leads.
In the course i am showing how to make stickers from scratch, how to make canvas prints from scratch.
How to setup your website, how to do seo, keyword research ads , facebook ads , how to setup a lead generation system
and how to bring in consistent sales.

These are the ways you will become profitable. Off course you can find the way to do it on your own. But it will not be that easy and fast. I am offering a true solution.

This solution can be applied also on other ecom retail stores.
Check the image bellow
Those are the channels that bring traffic to a website. The channel other is key to boost your online sales. It is a creation i did with my technical knowledge to improve sales on a website. I include this technique in my course.
To start learning things i have to tell you about similar web. Similar web is a free platform where you check each websites traffic. By checking each websites traffic you can see how big is a website. The following image shows the organic traffic growth of a website and the revenue it produces
You see if you grow your traffic you will grow your sales. But there is the correct ways to do it. Advertising is a lot harder to get sales because you need to have certain skills in order to make that sales. I also teach that in the course.
If you commit to this business you will not fail. The only thing you have to do is to understand the mechanics of the internet.
Sustainable marketing example
And this is how success will look like if you put the work. Well what do you think? Does it worth it?
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