Forget my husband ill go make money. It is easy these days a woman thinks to leave her husband and go make money. Yes these days you can make money if you focus on how you will do this.

We will explore some ways to make money.

Affiliate marketing

You can make money by becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a process where you build a website you rank it on google and you promote other’s people products. This making money online is not an easy process but it’s absolutely doable. Affiliate Marketing has become a way for many people to make extra income.

Make money on instagram

Another way people make money is by growing instagram accounts and promote there a products for other companies to your audience. This requires a good amount of followers so companies will take you in consideration.

Make money flipping domain names

With this way you buy domain names you believe will be sale able. And you are looking to sell a domain for much higher price than you bought it in order to make money.

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