This is going to be an endless post that i write almost 1 time per week to show and share my experience growing a blog. You need to know my background work and experience in order to understand my skills. Everybody has different skills that must take advantage of. So I studied Graphic Design, mostly on haw to use design software like corel draw and photoshop.

My work experience started on a Large format printing company, for 4 years, then i became a large format printer technician for 4-5 years and back in 2011 i jumped and made my first print on demand business making what i loved, wall stickers, stickers, canvas prints and wall murals.

I joined the tough and magic world of sales, i learnt how people react in different strategies, and that whatever you do you can not please everyone. So if you want to take a lesson right now i would suggest that you should look to please yourself first but i am sure you already know that. I build in order to serve a specific target audience.

Those who want to learn about how to start a print on demand business, people who own a business but they are not seing results, people who want to get ideas of how to make real money online, or people who just want to start a blog. This post will let you understand how a blog grows.

Why you should know this information.

Many people read about blogs and how they are really making money. But i haven’t seen someone showing exactly how it is done. So the purpose if this post will show you real results and how things are going in time.

I started the blog on 7/of june on 2023. I began creating blog posts that are easy to rank and that are in my field, such as how to start a print on demand business, how to make stickers , and more topics that they look interesting to me.

You must know that the right steps to build a blog are very easy. I am sure you have read about it a lot. You just need to pick a niche that interest you and has the potential to make you money. You must right in depth content that your readers want and find interesting, otherwise your blog will not succeed. You must understand that blogging takes time and effort. The best way to do it is to treat it like a hobby at firs. If you treat it like a real business and you don’t see income in 3,6 or even 9 months you will be disapointed and you will leave it.

So just take a look after 1 month and 22 days how search console looks like on a brand new blog. The truth is that i have created a ton of posts, something like 100 but not all of them are ranking because the website is brand new and the cottent is not finished on all posts. The truth is i write posts in a very different way than others. I find i post, i write whatever comes to my mind i believe will be good for the post. But it is not really in depth. I want to continue add to that post if i will see some impressions on google search console because i dont want to spend too much time on something that will not give me back.

So here is a screenshot on 29/june/2021 of google search console and already build 36 backlinks in order to boost rankings. Just to know it is very early to see any signs of traffic but i already got 3 organic visitors within a month. Talk soon

My main monetization strategies right now is Tube mastery and monetization review and Genie script reviews. Currently not doing any money as it is too early.

The value i am going to provide in order to sell something to people i am building a course that teaches someone how to start a profitable print on demand business. It is what exactly i did in for 12 years plus running my own print on demand business for 12 years +. Right now i have made some videos , the product box mock up and some posts i believe people will be interested in to buy my course. I will start the course at a very low price and as the first sales will come i wil continue adding content to the course and the price will be rising untill to the point i am satisfied. The course cannot please everybody, but the good thing about is is i know that this course is original. In fact it is a piece of my life. I am not the best in the camera but i am sure you will learn so much information i haven’t seen shared anywhere else. That’s why i believe it has great value for people looking to start a new business.