This is an answer that only you can answer. But i will share some facts you must know in order for your print on demand see early success

Please investigate closely the image bellow. This is what i made from 1 month with my print on demand business. I am a print on demand business owner for 12 years + and i want you to know that becoming profitable with your business is possible only if you commit and have the right knowledge. I am completely self tough on how to build a high profitable business. The following image shows the channels that a website can generate traffic, each channel shows conversions and sales that generated within a month. As you can see the channel “other” had the most sales and the most amount of money generated. This is one of my big sauce on how to make money and become profitable with a print on demand business or with any retail business.

Another critical thing you want to be aware is building your organic traffic. The image bellow can help you understand why it is important.

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My 12 years plus experience will show you what i have learnt all those years and what steps you should follow from day 1 to make that happen

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