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Start here know

If you want to know how to print a file with the perfect outcome then this is the best post!

First I want to help you understand that there are 2 different categories

Category 1 Small format
Category 2 Large format

Small format

Here you must know that we are talking about business cards, catalogs , flyers etc.
In order to get the best outcome you have to open your file in photoshop.

Then you want to set the right size. For example if you want to make a business card with the final size 9X5 you have to set the desired actual size in your photoshop file settings and setup the pixels per inch at 300 resolution.

This is the minimum setting for a perfect print resolution when making files for small format.

Large format

Large format is used in large format digital printing. Example making large prints for stickers, canvases , posters , wall murals , Graphics for shops.

You want to start by creating your file in the right actual dimensions on your photoshop software.For example if you want to make a print of 1X1 meter you have to se this up to your photoshop file. The minimum resolution should be 72 pixels per inch

Most graphic designers miss this. They think that a large format file must be the same as small format. well this is wrong.

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