The best place to sell vinyl stickers online is in your own online shop. I am sure you ask why, well i will tell you that is the only place you can have total control. You are the boss in your online store and you can control everything.

Would you like to be in a platform where you can’t control a lot of things? I am sure not. I have been making and selling wall stickers and other print on demand products online for 12 years +. Selling stickers is a great thing to do. It feels like you are doing something great and it is. You are transforming peoples places and their mood too!

So if you want to start selling your vinyl stickers online i would suggest that you first build a website. Building a website these days is very easy. You can build an awesome ecom website using wordpress and woocomerce.

But first you should get a domain name and hosting. You could do that in mochahost. I do have my website hosting there.

After you build your website you want to start by setting up your google search console. There you are going to track your organic positions on google over time. Remember it takes some time and effort to rank on google. You have to create the right category pages (that actually people are searching) you have to make products that people want, and all of that comes in order to be successfull. Success is something you can have with selling stickers only if you put a lot of effort. Making stickers can make you 6 figures per year. People do buy stickers and love them.

To make stickers you need to learn basic functions in corel draw , and photoshop. You need to get a cutting plotter with at list 60cm width. Your posibilities will be endless in making stickers and sell them.

The next thing you need in order to become successflull selling stickers is to build you organic traffic, learn how to effectively promote your products, and how to produce sales. It is not an easy thing to do but it is doable.

You want to start building you list from day 1. Those are going to be people who know you like you and trust you so they will spend money on your website.

If you want to start a profitable print on demand business i would suggest that you get my free training on how to build a succesflull print on demand business without braking the bank.

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