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So if you want to buy a printer to make stickers to sell and grow an online business then this post is the right for you.

First I want to separate printers in 4 main categories

1 Waterbased printers
2 Solvent printers
3 Latex printers
4 Uv printers

Waterbased printers

Waterbased printers are the most affordable if you want to start a print on demand business and make stickers. The print sizes of those printers are
90 cm width
1,07 m width
1.11 m width
1,40 m width
1,60 m width

Everything depends on the brand you will choose and some of the top brands exist are hp, epson, canon , etc.

The main idea is that you choose a printer, you get some waterbed vinyl rolls and you start printing your stickers.

Waterbased printers will need extra lamination with protects the ink and keeps stickers for years in good quality.

Solvent printers

Solvent printers uses solvent based inks. With these printers you can have mass production. Solvent printers are mostly used because they do have very cheap ink costs compared to any there large format digital printer. Also the raw materials are way more cheap than waterbased printers.

Top brands for solvent printers are mimaki, seiko, hp , mutoh, and rolland – Nur fresco – Scitex printers etc.

The print sizes of those printers are
90 cm width
1,07 m width
1.11 m width
1,40 m width
1,60 m width
1,80 m width
2,5 m width
3 m width
5 m width

Latex printers

Latex is a new kind of printer and most common brand know for latex printers is 
Hewlett packard

The print sizes of those printers are
1.20 m width
2.5 m width
3 m width

In order to make stickers you will have to get one of the above printer. If you are just starting out I would suggest that you buy a waterbased printer, but you will have to know that consumables might be more expensive rather solvent printers.

If you want to start a print on demand business and sale wall art and wall stickers, the right choice is to go with waterbased printers because this is the right choice for indoor applications, or even latex printers.

Another machine you will need to make stickers, is a cutting plotter.

With a cutting plotter you will be able to cut your stickers at whatever outline you want.

In general you prepare a file with your desired wall stickers, you print them and then you cut them in your cutting plotter.

If you need any more help or advise or got a question I would be happy to help

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