The advantage of online business is that you can reach people you could never reach with another way. Also those people are looking to solve a specific problem. So if your product can solve a problem people have you might get a sale on your product.

Can you really understand the potential you have with an online business? Back in 2011 i started my own business and i reached 6 figures per year making wall stickers and canvas prints. It was my dream to build a business when i was young.
The business helped me a lot to understand and learn how to read people. Reading people is a skill that if you master you will be able to achieve great things in your life.

In order to go a business online you must understand that is a lot harder than you think. In order to get a sale online it is not that easy. You must learn a lot of new things, you might have to change your prices, you might have a lot of extra expenses and costs like advertising, graphic designers , and copywriters. Right now you start identifying some important aspects of having an online business.

I am not telling you this to make you walk away from that idea. I just want to educate you. Getting the right education about online business is a very good thing, because you will know what to wait for. Starting an online business without education will be a disaster. I want you to remember that.

Another great thing on building an online business is that you can expand in to many other things. Don’t just think to build only one business. You can create as many business as it looks possible to you!

Make sure when you start building your online business to start with a word press website. It is the best platform to start.

Also you will need a reliable web hosting company.

Did you know that most of online businesses fail? do you know why?

The first thing you need to know is the average conversion rates. Every 100 people who visit to your website only one or two might convert.

Yes it this that low. The online world differs a lot than physical stores.

People get into a website and then leave.

What you must do is to collect peoples email address . That way you can contact them and offer them whatever you think they will be interested in.

So the first thing you want to do right now is to get one of the best email service providers. You can find the best one here

The next thing you want to start doing is to learn about google search console.

Google search console will be the key to succeed online. You will ask why. Well google search console shows your website’s organic positions and clicks.

If you will work on your website daily you can do great things. If you improve your website’s organic traffic this will be key for you to succeed online

The following image shows you how we grew a website’s organic traffic and what was the revenue generated while growing the website.

The number one thing on the internet is traffic and conversions. You must do what people want in order to make those conversions happen.

The key is to understand people. People will not tell you what they want clearly.

You as a business owner must have the knowledge and tools to understand your target market.

You must learn how to read your audience behaviour in order to achieve your goals.

I am sure i have opened a lot of topics, but as a visitor to my website i want to share my experience form owning a business.

Online businesses need a lot of attention in order to achieve your goals.

In this blog i will be putting more and more information where you could be benefit yourself.

I would also propose that you learn about affiliate marketing. You could be building an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote others people’s products with a website.

If this looks interesting just click on the button bellow to start learning about affiliate marketing.

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