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About Dimaretx

From Graphic Designer, Digital printing employer, Large format digital printing technician, to a print on demand business owner for 12 years plus & a new blogger

My name in short will be Dimaretx. I am a Graphic Designer, Large format Digital Printing Specialist and a Print on Demand Business owner for 12 years +.

I want to share my experience in the world of sales & business, work issues, entrepreneurship, and how people can strategically achieve results. I have seen a lot on online stores failing and i want to educate people on how to grow an online business.

I am totally self taught on how to build a print on demand business on the internet, boost sales & conversions and I have been experimenting a lot.

Making money online must be exposed to more people.I will share my story so you can benefit from it on my blog! It is not an easy way…i will share the good and the bad running an online business

Right now i am building a free course on how to build a profitable print on demand business.

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